Serving Papers

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Service of process in Arkansas can range from $50 to $200 or more, depending on your needs or upon special requests such as rush service, overnight service, locate service or other additional requests. Price is affected if locate service or any of the aforesaid additional services are needed.

However, multiple attempts to serve process at the same address in Arkansas is not going to be charged to you; you still will have one flat fee no matter how many attempts it takes. Other process servers may charge you more for multiple attempts. At, our Arkansas process servers will not impose hidden charges on you. Other process servers in Arkansas may give you a quote but not tell you how many attempts at service that quote includes, and therefore you may be paying expenses you didn’t anticipate. With, we disclose your costs at the outset.  Our goal is your complete satisfaction and to serve legal papers in Arkansas quickly and efficiently.

We Specialize in All Your Process Service Needs

McKinney Process Service works with attorneys, retailers, collections agencies and other companies to serve papers to defendants in legal actions – either individuals, groups of people, or other businesses.

The job of a Process Server is usually a pretty simple business, but it helps to work with an experienced process server who pays attention to details.

No other process server in Arkansas offers faster turnaround times, more methodical delivery, more responsive service, and easier status updates on every process served.

If you need process service within the state of Arkansas or nationwide, or for more information, please contact McKinney Process Service today.

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