The job of an Arkansas Process Server is generally very uncomplicated – They simply have to deliver court documents to a designated defendant in the case while following the laws of the state in which they are operating. However, sometimes that job is made more difficult due to defendants being difficult to track down. More often, this is due to the defendant having moved or having an unlisted phone number. However, there is the rare case that a person will intentionally attempt to avoid the process server in order to prevent the court case against them from moving forward. Regardless of the reason that the defendant is difficult to track down, though, the resulting action is the same: skip tracing.

Skip tracing is the process employed by process service companies in order to find a person who has “skipped out” on court proceedings. At times, locating the person is as easy as inquiring as to their new address, but in the case of a person intentionally avoiding receiving the court documents, things can get tricky. Ask any detective and you’ll quickly learn that tracking down and contacting a person who doesn’t wish to be found isn’t an easy job.

A number of creative and interesting techniques have been employed by process servers in order to ‘trick’ defendants into receiving the court documents. More recently, skip tracers are using the Internet to find out the whereabouts of those hard to find individuals. With the use of social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter growing, more and more people are leaving tell-tale information about their current address, phone number, and workplace online. While the methods of finding people may differ, one thing is for certain – a great process service company will ensure that those documents are delivered on time, regardless of what it takes. Give McKinney Process Service a call and discuss you locating needs.