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Arkansas Process Servers! Take notice of the New Official Form of Summons.


The Supreme Court of Arkansas has adopted the following form of summons for use in all cases in which personal service is to be had pursuant to Rule 4(c), (d) and (e) of the Arkansas Rules of Civil Procedure. The form incorporates a proof of  service to be made by a sheriff, deputy sheriff, or other person, as appropriate, in accordance with Rule 4(g). The form may be modified as needed in special circumstances. Additional notices, if required, should be inserted in the appropriate space. This form is not for use in cases of constructive service pursuant to Rule 4(f). The adoption of this form is in compliance with Rule 4(b) and does not modify or amend any part of that rule.

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McKinney Process Service works with attorneys, retailers, collections agencies and other companies to serve papers to defendants in legal actions – either individuals, groups of people, or other businesses.

The job of a Process Server is usually a pretty simple business, but it helps to work with an experienced process server who pays attention to details.

No other process server in Arkansas offers faster turnaround times, more methodical delivery, more responsive service, and easier status updates on every process served.

If you need process service within the state of Arkansas or nationwide, or for more information, please contact McKinney Process Service today.

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