Part of the legal process is ensuring the fair treatment of any individual or business against whom action is taken. This means, if court proceedings or legal action are being taken against a person or business, they have the right to know about it! This is where McKinney Process Service comes in – we are appointed process servers, so we can quickly and legally serve your court subpoena, order for appearance, or other court document in Yell County.

Save Time

We know that the legal system can take time. Don’t waste any of yours trying to serve notice to a defendant who is proving to be hard to track down, whether they are in Yell County or elsewhere in Arkansas. At McKinney Process Service, we are appointed process servers with several counties in Arkansas, so you can trust we know what we’re doing and will do it well when it comes to the duties of a process server. If you need service outside Yell County, check our list of regularly serviced counties or just ask!

Stay On Track

We pride ourselves on being detail-oriented and timely when serving court subpoenas and legal documents. We strive to make the first service attempt within three days and our goal is to serve every document within five days. Track our progress with our online client login. Once the document is served, we will notify you quickly so you can continue with your legal proceedings. Then, we will mail you a notarized Affidavit of Service free of charge!

To schedule process server services in Yell County, call McKinney Process Service today!