The movie Pineapple Express made the idea of serving legal documents feel nearly glamorous and seem like an easy way to make a living. Unfortunately, as with most of what Hollywood does, the truth of being a process server isn’t quite like that. Working as a process server is hardly as easy and straightforward as dressing up like a pizza delivery person every time!

Get It Done Right

Instead of trusting your important legal documents to someone who has been sucked in by Hollywood’s half-truths, trust those of us who know what we’re doing. McKinney Process Service has been handling serving papers and legal documents for more than 15 years. By this point, it takes a lot to surprise us! We are appointed process servers, so we know how to properly handle serving court documents in Van Buren County. You can trust us to do it right.

What We Do

We pride ourselves on building lasting relationships with our clients, and we do so by being thorough and detail-oriented when it comes to process service. We strive to serve legal documents quickly and are up front about every fee. With our online portal, we will give you plenty of updates along the way so you always know what’s going on with your legal documents. If you don’t see a service or location you need served on our website, just give us a call! Process service requires a lot of flexibility, so we may be able to help!

Give us a call at McKinney Process Service today to schedule serving papers in Van Buren County or elsewhere in Arkansas!