Sure, the process of serving legal documents may sound simple at the outset, but anyone who has served (or attempted to serve) legal notice to a defendant knows that it’s not always a nice, easy, straightforward process. Defendants may try to skip town or move without leaving a forwarding address. Whether it’s intentional or not, this will complicate your ability to serve a court subpoena or other legal notice.

That’s why we started McKinney Process Service. Attorneys, collections agencies, retailers, we are here to do the legwork for you! Our team is staffed by appointed process servers so you can trust your legal documents will be served properly anywhere in Scott County, without additional hassle to you.

To make things even easier, we provide an online client portal so you can track where we are in the process of serving your legal notice. Once the document is served, we will give you a notice so you can continue on in the legal process. We will also mail you the Affidavit of Service, notarized, at no additional cost to you. We know every detail matters, and we strive to be sure your summons or court subpoena is served quickly. We make our first service attempt within three days, and our goal is to have the document served within five days.

If you need a legal notice served, don’t trust the job to any other summons server or the junior at your firm. Call McKinney Process Service to schedule process server services today!