Don’t trust John Smith, picked up off the street, to serve your legal notices in Johnson County. Primarily because this isn’t allowed in Arkansas, but also because he wouldn’t know what he’s doing! Serving papers legally and swiftly is an important part of due process, and the team at McKinney Process Service understand that. That’s why we offer:

    • Swift service – we strive to make our first service attempt within three days. More importantly, our goal is to successfully serve every document within five days!
    • Tracking – with our easy to use online portal, we offer every client the ability to track where we are in the process of serving your legal notices. If, for whatever reason, a setback occurs, we will stay in contact with you to offer solutions and discuss how you’d prefer we handle it.
    • Personal service – you are not just another number to us. We pride ourselves on providing excellent service to every client, not just our regulars. That’s why we offer a variety of customizable options. If the service you need isn’t listed on our site, give us a call! We’re happy to discuss exactly what you need and see how we can make that happen.
    • Track the defendant – one of the biggest problems with serving papers is the person being served. Let us handle tracking your hard to find defendants, whether they’ve skipped town intentionally or just forgot to update their address.
    • Simple fees – we want to create lasting relationships with our clients. This means simple flat fees for most of our services and an upfront accounting so you’re never surprised. We also provide a discount for returning to us again and again as a court server.



Call McKinney Process Service today to schedule serving papers and court documents in Johnson County today!