At McKinney Process Service, our team of appointed process servers can serve papers throughout Arkansas; we will drive from Conway County to Crawford and beyond. That’s a lot of mileage! Then, add in the odd hours, the night driving, the inclement weather, the unruly defendants who try to avoid being served… You don’t really want to be responsible for dealing with all of that when you just need to get your papers served and move on to other things!

Save Yourself Some Time

With all that’s involved in serving court documents, it can really disrupt your life. Whether you’re an attorney or retailer, your time is at a premium. If you need legal documents like Summons and Complaint served in Conway County, let an appointed process server at McKinney Process Service handle it for you! This way, you can trust that your documents will be served swiftly and properly and you can continue on with everything else you have to do.

Don’t Be Surprised

We want to forge good relationships with every single client. To us, that means being upfront about every fee and service so you know exactly what you’re getting from us. We charge flat fees for our services and will not add charges as we go. We make unlimited attempts at the defendant’s home and work address, and our goal is to make the first attempt within three days and have served them within five days. We’ll even send you a notarized Affidavit of Service once the legal notice has been served!

Call McKinney Process Service today to schedule serving papers with our team of appointed process servers today!