1. Becoming an Appointed Process Server

    Process service is a vital part of the legal system. It ensures that anyone against whom legal action is being taken receives fair notice and has a chance to respond. This notice is usually provided in person, through a physical copy handed to the defendant by a process server. Of course, in our digital age, it seems a bit counterproductive to print off the documents and d…Read More

  2. Process Service: Serving A Skip

    When it comes time to serve a court summons or other legal papers, many people believe - erroneously - that simply by avoiding the process server, they can avoid being served and the legal ramifications that would come from that court document. This thought often causes people to decide to evade a process server; fortunately for us process servers, there are several reason…Read More

  3. Is Your Process Server Working For You?

    Every court summons, subpoena, or other legal notice needs to be served as swiftly as possible to facilitate the legal process as much as possible while following due process of law. Because of the Due Process Clause included in the United States Constitution, a key component of the legal process is providing sufficient notice to ensure legal proceedings are fair to the in…Read More

  4. New Official Form of Summons, Arkansas Rule of Civil Procedure 4

    Arkansas Process Servers! Take notice of the New Official Form of Summons. FORM OF SUMMONS The Supreme Court of Arkansas has adopted the following form of summons for use in all cases in which personal service is to be had pursuant to Rule 4(c), (d) and (e) of the Arkansas Rules of Civil Procedure. The form incorporates a proof of  service to be made by a sheriff, deputy …Read More

  5. Assault on Process Server

    §1501. Assault on process server Whoever knowingly and willfully obstructs, resists, or opposes any officer of the United States, or other person duly authorized, in serving, or attempting to serve or execute, any legal or judicial writ or process of any court of the United States, or United States magistrate judge; or Whoever assaults, beats, or wounds any officer or oth…Read More

  6. Federal Civil Rights Suit Seeking $40M Is Dismissed Process Server Gave Complaint to Wrong Court

    A federal judge in New York has dismissed a civil rights suit filed over a hate-crime slaying, agreeing with a magistrate that a process server hired by the plaintiffs’ lawyers delivered the complaint to a state criminal court building rather than the Suffolk County clerk’s office. Survivors of Marcelo Lucero, a 37-year-old Ecuadorean immigrant slain in the Long Island…Read More

  7. Federal Judge Rejects ‘Unorthodox’ Plea to Permit Service by Facebook

    A federal judge has rejected using Facebook as an alternative method of serving process on a party in a lawsuit who has been hard to find. Southern District Judge John Keenan told Chase Bank it could not use the social media website to track down and serve a woman with a history of providing fake or out-of-date addresses and who allegedly obtained a credit card in her moth…Read More

  8. What Makes a Process Server Good?

    If you’re looking for a Little Rock process server, there are some ways that you can Arkansas Process Serveren sure that you make a good choice. Not all businesses that handle this work are equal. Some of them will take too long to serve documents and others will fail to find the person they need to serve. To avoid this from happening, and your case from being delayed, y…Read More

  9. Why Hire a Professional Process Server

    Regardless of the size of court case, there is what may seem like an endless stream of details to be handled in order for the case to proceed. Finding a professional process server to deliver the court summons for your case to the defendant is one of the most important steps that will be made. Should these documents be delivered improperly, it can cause the case to be dela…Read More

  10. What is the meaning of process serving in Arkansas?

    Process serving in Arkansas means to serve legal papers in order to effectuate due process of law. Due process, also referred to as procedural due process, requires the fair treatment of an individual against whom an action is taken. If any court proceedings or actions are brought against an individual (and in certain instances, a corporation), that person must have knowle…Read More