Assistant Attorney General Resigns After Blasting Tampa Department

Assistant attorney general resigns after blasting Tampa department

Submitted by Roger Bull on August 11, 2011 – 12:39pm BizJax

An assistant attorney general in the Tampa Economic Crimes Division has resigned the day after he wrote a 16-page memo criticizing the department.

Andrew Bennett Spark said he didn’t want to comment any further, but did acknowledge that he resigned on Wednesday.

Tuesday, he sent a memo to the state’s media outlining a handful of complaints of the Economic Crimes Division.

He said that an investigation into what he considered false advertising by a car dealer was cut short because the car dealer’s attorney, Robert Shimberg, was on Attorney General Pam Bondi’s transition team.

The department would not open an investigation into a fitness chain, he said, because it was also represented by Shimberg.

Spark also complained that the department made it more difficult for him to investigate ProVest, a process server that has been the subject of a number of complaints in connection to foreclosures.

Spark said he inherited the ProVest case when June Clarkson and Theresa Edwards were fired as the attorney general’s lead investigators into foreclosure fraud.

Spark also pointed out that Mary Leontakianakos, who was director of the Economic Crimes Division until January, has taken a job with the Law Offices of Marshall C. Watson. That law firm has been under investigation by the attorney general’s office and settled with the state for $2 million in March while admitting no wrong.

Spark said he had received no feedback within the department and did not give a reason for his resignation.

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