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About Us

Serving Papers is a website owned and operated by Asset Reality.

Asset Reality is a company set up to empower corporate, government & law enforcement agencies to effectively recover & manage seized proceed of crime assets.

With continuous interest in and the development of the blockchain, Law Enforcement and the Legal sectors have sought routes to integrate it into the mainstream.

One problem was how to serve legal papers on persons un-known, and alert them a legal process involving a digital wallet that they control.

In 2022, the US based law firm Holland and Klight was the first to serve legal papers on a persons un-known by Non-Fungible Token (‘NFT’). A summary of the Holland and Knight process can be found here.

Shortly therafter, the English High Court also granted an order allowing to service of proceedings via NFTs.

Contact Us

If you are a law enforcement officer, looking to serve papers on persons un-known, a member of the press, or anyone else you can contact us via our contact page.

Or you can contact us via the Asset Reality website.