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The job of a Process Server is usually a pretty simple business, but it helps to work with an experienced process server who pays attention to details.

McKinney Process Service works with attorneys, retailers, collections agencies and other companies to serve papers to defendants in legal actions – either individuals, groups of people, or other businesses. By definition, a legal process server delivers (serves) legal documents to a defendant or an individual involved in a court case. The process server must serve the documents in accordance with the laws of the state.

Once the documents are delivered, the process server must provide proof that the papers were served. Then, the court case can proceed as scheduled.

Yet many times, as a process server, serving papers is not nearly as easy as it sounds. Defendants might be hard to find – they may have moved and left no forwarding address, or some people might be intentionally avoiding the legal system because they don’t want to go to court, pay a fine, lose some property, or face the end of their marriage.

McKinney Process Service has experience in serving papers, and we also know how to find people who try to hide from the law.

Our Service of Process Procedures Include:


  • Fast action: We make a first attempt to serve papers within three days of receiving your case. Our goal is to have all papers served within 5 days. Please keep in mind that some individuals are more difficult to locate, which can extend the time needed to conclude the service of process.
  • Proof of service: Our process servers deliver proof of service to each client, soon after our process server successfully delivers the documents. Proof of service is your “go-ahead” signal that the legal action is ready to proceed. We will mail the original Affidavit of Service (notarized at no extra charge) to you upon completion of process service.
  • Unlimited attempts at one address: We guarantee the process of service with unlimited attempts at the defendant’s home & work address “or two possible” addresses (located in the same county) provided to us up front. The home address is usually the best to attempt first, because in Arkansas, employers have the right to not have civil process served on their property by our process servers.


If you need to serve papers on a defendant who has two possible addresses located in two different counties, please specify which address/county you would like us to attempt first. If you advise us that we need to reassign service to the second address/county, we can attempt the second address for an additional fee.

We have to charge additional fees for attempting to serve papers at additional addresses. Just like FedEx or UPS, we charge additional fees to make deliveries to additional locations.

If our process server is unable to reach a defendant after multiple attempts at a single address, we will recommend a course of action to you and work with you to pursue a solution.

  • Fax & E-mail Service for Law Firms or Process Service Companies: We can accept your service documents by fax or e-mail, with a $0.10 fee per page received, payable in advance by credit card (PayPal).
  • Credit Card Payments: We accept Visa and MasterCard payments through PayPal.
  • Flat rates anywhere in Arkansas: We are located in Morrilton and we provide process service primarily to Russellville, Dover, Morrilton, Center Ridge, Dardanelle, Danville, Clarksville, Ozark, Booneville, Conway, Little Rock,  North Little Rock, Maumelle, Greenbrier, Vilonia, Clinton, and Marshall.
  • Additional Addresses: When you provide an additional address, it is entered into our system as a “New Service” and our regular service fee applies. Payment is required in advance. When you provide an “additional address” on a service where the defendant could not be reached at the first address, we can process the additional address on the same day, as soon as you make the payment on our website Payment page.
  • Skip tracing and people searches: We will help you try to locate a defendant who cannot be found, including extensive people searches, and on-site inspections (additional fees apply for certain services such as Skip Tracing).
  • Volume Discounts: Talk to us to get a quote for a larger volume of process service work.
  • Nationwide Service
  • Same Day Service (within 24 Hours)
  • Overnight Air Service
  • Foreign Service
  • Translations


Services available for additional fees:


  • Rush Service (within 72 hours)
  • Investigative Research and Document Retrieval:


In addition to civil process service, we offer our clients additional services in investigative research and document retrieval. If you need information on an individual or company, our dedicated staff will work to find the details you need. Save time, money and manpower by enlisting the help of our trained investigators and legal network.

Locator Service:


Our locator service includes extensive and thorough “skip tracing.” Skip tracing is basically the process of finding people who have “skipped out” on a legal responsibility, such as paying a debt. In other cases, “skip tracing” is needed when a person is simply hard to find, for instance – if they are the long-lost relative of a recently deceased family member.

“Skips” are either intentional (meaning they are intentionally avoiding the law and making a concerted effort not to be found) or they are unintentional. For example, an unintentional skip might be someone who moved away from their home town many years ago, and who is hard to find because they do not have a long paper trail, they have an unlisted phone number, or do not have a home phone. Cellular phone records today are much harder to access than landline phones.

Our team has extensive knowledge of how to help our clients find the people they need, in all sorts of circumstances.

We are persistent, analytical and relentless in tracking down skips for all kinds of legal matters.

Locating people so that we can serve their legal documents to them at the request of our client is one of our specialties.

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that locates cannot be guaranteed due to extenuating circumstances that may occur. Despite our best efforts, some skips cannot be found.


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