What does process serving in Arkansas entail?

Process serving in Arkansas requires delivery of legal papers to the intended receiver. It may not always be the defendant; in some cases there will be papers filed as a cross-motion or other papers which must be served upon the plaintiff. Still other papers will be served on … [Read more...]

Who can be a process server in Arkansas?

Initially, sheriffs and certain designated people were the only ones who could serve legal papers. However, in some states, generally anyone who is at least 18 who is not a party to the action will be allowed to serve legal papers.  Despite this general rule, Arkansas has specific rules for who can … [Read more...]

What is the meaning of process serving in Arkansas?

Process serving in Arkansas means to serve legal papers in order to effectuate due process of law. Due process, also referred to as procedural due process, requires the fair treatment of an individual against whom an action is taken. If any court proceedings or actions are brought against an … [Read more...]

Assistant Attorney General Resigns After Blasting Tampa Department

Assistant attorney general resigns after blasting Tampa department Submitted by Roger Bull on August 11, 2011 - 12:39pm BizJax An assistant attorney general in the Tampa Economic Crimes Division has resigned the day after he wrote a 16-page memo criticizing the department. Andrew Bennett Spark … [Read more...]

Hiring a Process Server: It’s a Matter of Trust.

Hiring a Process Server: It’s a Matter of Trust. Why hire a process server? Dealing with legal disputes can be stressful and unsettling. Working with a professional process server helps to take away the stress, conflict and confrontations that often arise from serving papers in a divorce, property … [Read more...]

Is Your Process Server Diverse Enough

Is Your Process Server Diverse Enough? When it comes to choosing a North Little Rock process server, you need someone who can serve a wide variety of papers and who can offer a wide range of services. All cases are not created equal, and you may find yourself with a variety of needs. Wouldn't it be … [Read more...]

Great Process Server Teams Are Committed to Their Clients

Great Process Server Teams Are Committed to Their Clients Whenever you consider your current process server, where do you feel their priorities lie? With most companies in the industry, it can seem like their primary focus is to find the easiest way to collect the most fees and charges possible. … [Read more...]

Is Your Process Server Meeting Your Needs

Is Your Process Server Meeting Your Needs? Whenever you have a stack of cases piling up and find yourself with trouble locating people who need to be served with summons or subpoenas, it can create a real headache. Your process serving team should be able to work hard to find the individuals that … [Read more...]

What to Seek In a Quality Process Server

What to Seek In a Quality Process Server If your legal case is hinged on ensuring that the defendants or other people involved are served with summons or other important paperwork, then you are likely to need the services of a quality Conway process server. Unfortunately, finding the best team for … [Read more...]

Reputation Matters When It Comes to You Process Server

Reputation Matters When It Comes to Your Process Server When you are looking for a Little Rock process server to help you locate and serve the individuals who are required for a court case, you likely understand that you need the best. You not only need a team that is capable of tracking down and … [Read more...]